How Getaround works

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New to Getaround? Here are our most frequently asked questions. Visit our Help Center for more information.

What is Getaround?

Getaround is a trusted community marketplace for people to list and rent cars. Launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2011, Getaround is redefining urban mobility across North America. Getaround enables car owners to share their underutilized vehicles with verified renters. Founded with the goal of positively impacting $1 billion people, Getaround is committed to improving the environment, the local economy, and our cities.

How do I join Getaround?

Download the app or sign up online to get started. Getaround requires you to connect your Facebook account for identity verification. Facebook is one of eighteen points of verification Getaround uses to ensure the safety of our community.

Who is eligible to rent?

To be eligible to rent on Getaround, you must:

How long does it take to be approved to rent?

If you meet all of our eligibility requirements and hold a U.S. driver license, except Alaska and Hawaii, your information will be run through an instant driver record check, and you may be approved to rent immediately.

If you hold an international driver license, including Alaska and Hawaii, you will be notified via email of your membership status within two business days.

How do I book a car?

You can book cars online or through our mobile app for Android or iPhone. Just enter your starting point to find cars nearby, select your pickup and drop-off times, and enter your details to book your trip.

Looking for something specific? Use our search filters to find cars that meet your criteria.

How do I start my trip?

At the start of our trip, use our mobile app to locate and unlock the vehicle. You’ll find specific instructions for accessing the car in the mobile app, along with your trip confirmation email. If you do not have a smartphone, call us at 1 (866)-GETAROUND, and we’ll unlock the car for you. Remember to complete your car’s pre-trip inspection before you hit the road.

Please note the car won’t unlock until your trip officially starts.

How many miles are included with my trip?

In standard vehicles, like the Toyota Prius, you may drive up to 25 miles per hour, or up to 200 miles per day. In speciality vehicles, like the Tesla Model S, you may drive up to 15 miles per hour, or up to 100 miles per day. Learn more about our mileage cap.

Who is responsible for gas?

Renters are responsible for returning the car with as much fuel as it had at the start of the trip. Before setting off, be sure to note whether the car takes premium, unleaded, diesel or electricity. Set aside time at the end of your trip to stop at the gas station.

How do tolls work?

When you pass through a toll plaza in an electronically tolled lane, Getaround will automatically register and pay the toll based on the car’s license plate. Electronically tolled lanes may be called E-ZPass lanes or other names, depending on your location.

Getaround will automatically charge the toll to your credit card on file, plus a $1.50 processing fee. To avoid paying twice, we ask that you do not pay cash when passing through an electronically tolled lane.

How does insurance work?

Getaround provides primary insurance coverage during all Getaround trips. When you book a car through Getaround and meet our eligibility criteria, you are fully covered for the duration of the trip by Getaround's top-rated insurance policy.

Getaround’s insurance policy, provided by Assurant, includes comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage, up to $1 million, as outlined in our Terms of Service.